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DigitalUrban Announces Panorama Viewer for Google Earth is pleased to announce a panorama viewer for Google Earth. Until now to view a panorama you had to use hotlinks to a html browser, now you can view high resolution panoramas directly inside of Google Earth.

The movie above illustrates a series of panoramas using the pre-release version. There are a few issues to iron out with a release aimed for early in January 2007. The viewer will be made available free of charge along with a tutorial detailing how to import any panoramic views at the correct location.

Any thoughts or feedback so far would be welcome.

YouTube does not currently support 16:9 movies, you can download the movie at full resolution and the correct aspect ratio here (39Mb .wmv format)

(note apologies for the poor formatting of the post - blogger seems to currently lose line spacing when you insert a movie).


  1. Looks like your panorama viewer will be especially good if you have a SpaceNavigator to fly inside the spheres with!

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM

    This would be particularily cool if one could enable it as a google earth layer and then have dynamic load of resolution levels in the panorama based on view distance, similar to the dynamic load of the GE imagery. This really seems like a great (and original) way to integrate viewpoint based imagery with a 3D environment.

  3. Anonymous11:30 PM

    It would be nice if there were a mode that would automatically adjust the zoom ( or fov ) of the image based on the distance from the eye to the center of the sphere. This would be such that the sphere was instead a "hole in space" that was a window onto the panorma. The objects would then be always correctly projected onto where they should exist. For example when one was far from the sphere one would only see that which is directly behind the sphere, not a full 180 degree view.

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM


  5. Arrrg... you are killing me .. by releasing your preview just right before I released mine :-)
    But I guess the idea was so obvious that it is normal more than one person should had thought about it at the same time ...

    So if you want another example of the same thing :
    Here is the the KML file :
    And a view of one produced sphere :
    and a very early preview of the tool to place and orient the sphere.
    Enjoy !

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    It's so cool & amazing!! (^-^)

  7. Would it be possible to place a panorama bubble inside a building?

    For example, there is a test panorama of the inside of St Johns Stratford here. Could this be placed in a bubble inside your 3d model of St Johns?

    Just a thought.

  8. oh, my... it's unbelievable

  9. Nice idea really ! It would be easier to view the panorama if you could move your viewpoint to inside of sphere by clicking it and "lock" the view there. Also orbiting mode around the spere would be nice, however, these might not be possible with GE api - yet.

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  15. Cool! This would be such that the sphere was instead a hole in space that was a window onto the panorama.