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Minority Report Interface to Google Earth

Picked up via the ever impressive Oogle Earth Blog is the news that Atlas Gloves was Dan Phiffer and Mushon Zer-Aviv part of the ITP - NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program. have developed a pair of 'Atlas Gloves'. The gloves are a DIY physical interface for controlling 3D mapping applications like Google Earth. The user interface is based around a pair of illuminating gloves that can be used to track intuitive hand gestures like grabbing, pulling, reaching and rotating. The Atlas Glove website has a video of the interface in action as well as details on how to build you own from a pair of ping pong balls, led lights and a webcam.

We are on the case and people are being dispatched to locate ping pong balls as we type. If we get it up and running we will put up a post as well as contacting the team to see if we can help out in any way with other applications such as ArcExplorer (?)....

As an update we have our ping pong balls (thanks Joel), super glue and a couple of cheap led torches. If we dont glue our fingers together we should be running a test this afternoon and updates will follow on our progress. (2nd August 2006).


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