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London Clouds Daily Time Lapse

To cut down on the large number of posts the daily time lapse movies would create we are going to group them all in this section (so bookmark this section if your interested). The updates are still experimental but fingers crossed in the next week or so we will have automatic updates for every ten minutes cloud time lapse movies and a regular post of daily movies.

Latest Movie:

London Cloud Time Lapse for 18/08/2006

A good day for passing showers in the movie, a gust of wind moves the camera at one point.

London Cloud Time Lapse for 17/08/2006

London Cloud Time Lapse for 16/08/2006

Due to a hardware error the movie only covers the evening period. Apologies - this is now fixed and tomorrow's movie should be back to normal. Its a nice sunset though..

London Cloud Time Lapse for 15/08/2006

London Cloud Time Lapse for 14/08/2006

As ever, thoughts or comments(?)

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