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Banksy Roundhouse Camden - London Panorama

The panorama is captured in front of the Chambermaid stencil by the artist Banksy, created in May 2006, on the wall of the Roundhouse in Camden. According to the Camden New Journal Article the maid is a portrait of Leita who worked in a Hotel in Los Angeles.

Libbey Cambell the newly elected Liberal Democrat Councilor stated that "Banksy should of got permission for the art and ask who is going to pay to have it removed?". We are glad to say that is hasn't been removed as the owners of the Roundhouse rather like it and it is refreshing to see innovative images on the streets of London. As for Libbey, you would of thought she would have other things to worry about in Camden to be honest...

View the Quicktime panorama of Banksy's Stencil at the Roundhouse, Camden, London (2.9Mb). You can also simply view a larger version of the image (290K).

For those who want to learn more about Banksy's Street Art the movie below from the Culture Show provides a good insight:

More Banksy Street Panoramas will hopefully follow..

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