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High Definition (720p) Historic London Panorama Movie

Sometimes you sit back and think to yourself, wow this is makes it all worth while. Panoramas on their own can be impressive but when you render them in High Definition and link them to Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor the movie raises the bar on what we thought possible.

As we noted previously our movies were rendered in DVD quality, or 720x480 resolution. Using a custom profile it is now possible to export via the simple to use (and more importantly rapid to export) Windows Movie Maker at 1280 x 720, or 720p High Definition.

The movie in High Definition features The Chapel of Peter and St Paul by Wren, Southwark Cathedral, The Painted Hall by Wren and St Giles in the Field.

You can download the movie here (80Mb, WMV), we recommend you have your headphones on or sound system operational as the sound track enhances the flythrough.

Any comments on this would be most welcome...


  1. Hi
    This is a great thing to watch movies made from panoramas, but I'm wondering how can I do such movie myself? Can You write a tutorial or just a simple tip about this? BTW I check your website regulary, it's great.

  2. Hi I would like to know how you created the movie as well any chance of a tutorial.

    Oh yes and also agree with david your site/blog is the best one I have ever visited. I have learnt more on one visit than all the time I have spent on the net. Keep up the good work.

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