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Google Earth Warehouse Comes of Age - London

The combination of providing a free version of Sketchup and the ability to publish to the Google 3D Warehouse has created a plethora of models from locations around the world. London has attacted a number of buildings, most notably for quality has been the concentration around Canary Wharf.

Using FRAPS we have loaded up the models created by a user on the 3D Warehouse known as Jef and created the movie above illustrating the developments so far. We haven't been able to get hold of a email for Jef.. so if you know him drop us a line (via the link on the side bar) as we would love to get in contact. You can download Jefs models from here.

As a side note this is our first test movie using FRAPS and it does not seem able to capture the info boxes in Google Earth, we will be looking into this and a number of new examples combining Google Earth and our Panoramic Globes movie will be posted soon.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Great work, guys. I've been using Fraps to capture GE flythroughs to save the $400 for a prof version and ran into the same problem. Wanted to capture georeferenced pics and they won't show. On another blog somebody was mentioning this would be a problem of different graphics layers in GE, not sure how true this is. I would love to hear your solution or workaround to this problem, maybe you could post it. Thanks, Chris