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High on London: Tilt-Shift City

The clip below  was filmed and produced start to finish in 12 hours by Matt Gosden and Rob Rackstraw. Hats off to Matt and Rob as its fantastic:

The sequence was captured using an Olympus E-PL1.


  1. Terrific film!

    from which locations did you shoot? (what tall buildings?)

  2. Wow - this is excellent, really good to see someone has made a London version of Sam O'Hare's amazing Sandpit film of New York... makes the city look incredible.

    I made a smaller scale version based around Westfield over the summer (Model Village), but this is inspiration to widen my scope!

    Nic Stevenson

  3. Great film, to do it all in 12 hours is impressive. Reminds me of some of Keith Loutit's work -