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Book Covers - City: A Guidebook for the Armchair Traveller

I know your not meant to judge a book by its cover and it's something i tend to fight by i am a bit of a sucker for a good cover. The forthcoming book 'City A Guidebook for the Armchair Traveller' by PD Smith is one of the best we have seen in recent times. Of course PD Smith is also a very good writer so its bound to be a great read.

Over on his blog 'Kafka's mouse' Peter notes that writing a book is a solitary process. For months and often years, the book only exists in the writer's mind. Sometimes, as you write, that book can seem like a mirage on the horizon, its form shimmering and changing before your eyes. Believe me, it's disconcerting. But you press on.

We are about to pre-order a copy via |

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