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California High Speed Rail: A Metaverse Vision

The use of machinima for project proposals is an interesting move into the more traditional CAD world. Machinima may lack the highly polished visuals that architects and designers have become used to but it adds in the ability to communicate on a human scale and allows a much stronger ability to 'tell a story'. The movie below details Avatrian's proposal for's call for design ideas to revitalize downtown Los Angeles:

The machinima showcases various concepts, real world implementations and original designs. Avatrian used a virtual world platform in order to implement thier ideas in a manner wherein it can be communicated effectively with 3D content designed and built as needed.

We like it, indeed we presented something similar to Cross Rail in London 5 or so years ago. We may of been a bit ahead of our time on that one as im not sure the guys in suits were ready for a mix of 'Trainz' and virtual worlds. Machinima is starting to knock on the doors of more traditional 3D visualisations.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the astute review. I would also like to add that this machinima was produced in only three days...including the new 3D content created for the scenes, the scripting to make the train/pods move the proper way, and the pre/post production of the film. One of our main arguments for a submission in this format is that it's a much more cost-effective means of communicating our idea (relative to traditional methods).

    It is fair to say that the output is not polished enough in comparison to CAD. But given more time and resources, the differences can be made minimal. And, as engines of metaverse platforms continually get better, the graphics quality converges with that of other 3D software.