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2010 - Back to the Blog

A quick post while we settle in back at our desk after the Christmas break. Its going to be an interesting first quarter here at digital urban and CASA, we have a 1.5 million funded project nearing beta launch which most annoyingly we have been unable to blog about due to legal restrictions. As soon as we get the go ahead we will be putting out a call for testers, all we can say at the moment is that its going to be exciting and perhaps change the way we look at everything around us.

We also have a new mapping tool launching around March as part of the NeISS project, this builds on our previous work involving BBC Radio and TV, again we can't say too much at the moment but its going to be free and quite neat.

So the first part of 2010 is looking busy on the blog front, indeed this afternoon we hope to put up a post regarding Twitter and Snow Surveys which provides a quick glimpse of what the team are working on behind the scenes.

At the moment the office is a joyful 14.1 centigrade and a mere -1.8 outside which is kind of chilly for London - you can of course view the live weather conditions from our roof in London Town either on a Chumby, iPhone or fullscreen in Flash.

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