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EyePet PS3 & AR Toolkit for Flash

While not 'urban' this is caught our eye as a neat augmented reality application running on the PS3 via the PlayStation Eye. With the addition of a "magic card," players will be able to play with a virtual monkey that lives in augmented reality.

In many ways this could be done with ARTAG - see our Tutorial - Quick and Easy Augmented Reality from SketchUp/3DMax etc - but on a PS3 it takes it to the next level. Note the use of the trampoline towards the end of the clip and the nice use of shadows:

EyePet is due for a global release around the end of the year. It would be interesting to know if its possible to do something similar with ARTAG and Flash using the newly released AR flash library (see Hack A Day):

It is almost tempting to fire up our webcam and take a look, sadly we are interviewing for the rest of the day....

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