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Real Estate Visualisation: Bayswater, LapuLapu City

We are not sure why but we have a bit of a fascination with real estate presentations here at digital urban. Perhaps its the over use of shiny logos, the slightly cheesy voice overs or the visualisations that make all new builds look like some Utopian vision of the future, we are not sure.

The development at Bayswater, LapuLapu City,in the Philippines is a case in point. The P1.5 billion investment aims to replete with a business center that will have an internet café, bakery and pastries shop, laundry shop and convenience store:

So will living at Bayswater make your dreams come true? Perhaps not, but then again its the houses do look lovely and are probably a damn sight better than the place we have to go back to in London town...

See for more info and if you buy one send us a postcard.

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