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Virtual Lower East Side New York: MTV's Virtual World - A Glimpse of a Populated Virtual Earth?

vLES or Virtual Lower East Side is a replica of the area in New York City created by MTV.

Of note is the starting point from Google Earth into the Virtual World - perhaps a glimpse of how a 'Second Earth' would look and operate?

The movie below provides an insight into vLES:

You can find out more and download the software at


  1. steve8:59 AM

    I swear that Second Life dancing makes me want to find everyone pressing those buttons and kill them slowly and painfully. I want to dance my hobnailed boots into their avatars, as they flail around in disintegrating bits and bytes.

  2. We have to admit that movies from Second Life that include dancing do make our toes curl - and thats the majority of them to be honest.

    However this is an MTV based system so dancing avatars, music and MTV do seem to go hand in hand, i think in this case the dancing can be excused.