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2007-11-29 - Possibly the Best City Maps in the World?

Every now and then someone sends you a link that has the whole office gathered around your workstation. (short for ECity in Chinese) is such a link, a company that has mapped the 21 major cities in China and the majority of the provincial areas.

The maps are a visual feast of pixel art down to the finest detail and covering vast swathes of urban China. The interface is similar to Google Maps with the ability to pan, zoom as well as run searches for local businesses and transport links. is part of the Aladdin Information and Technology corporation with the company stating that EDUSHI will be the next Internet revolution. They are currently looking to expand out of China and are looking for cities to partner with.

View Shanghai direct from here

The full list of cities (in chinese) from here - it is worth simply clicking and browsing the maps if you are not fluent in Chinese.

English language information on Aladdin and Edushi.

We are not sure it will be the next Internet revolution (unless perhaps in full 3D) but even in 2D is represent some of the best geographical visualisation of the city that we have seen for a while.

Thanks go to Nelson for sending us the link.


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    This is just plain awesome. Rich Internet experience in a nutshell.

    Thanks for the post!


  2. neat - thanks for the link!

  3. the buildings are actually quite real. they basically drew a picture for each building.

  4. Wow i really like these maps :) looks like Sim City :)

  5. Cool i will use these next time i go to China :D

  6. Do they also have these maps for American city's?