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Remote Assesment - Digital (Cardboard) Geography

The Year 7 class at Court Fields School, Taunton, and St Ursula’s School in Greenwich have used their respective blogs and an innovative use of Windows Movie Maker to remotely asses their city models, built as a homework assignment.

Noel, the Geography Teacher at Court Field's school notes that 'The interesting dimension to this activity is that I haven’t met Melanie (from St Ursula's), and I don’t know anything about her school or her students, other than they seem very keen on Geography'. The use of Windows Movie Maker and blogs to communicate between the two schools is impressively innovative as it adds in another dimension to the geography. This aside the models built by both schools are interesting on their own accord with their linking of the Central Business Districts and transport etc.

Take a look at Noels Digital Geography blog for more info (you may remember Noel from our Fantasy Architecture project) and Gorgeous Geography from Melanie at St Ursula’s.

Both of their blogs demonstrate the recent rise in the ability to communicate geography digitally using either Windows Movie Maker, as we have seen here, or Google Earth, Google Maps etc. If only such technology, and innovative teachers, had been about when we were at school.

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