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A Return to Crysis? SketchUp and 3D Max Progress

A while ago we ran of posts on importing into models into the Crysis Sandbox - ranging from models direct from the 3D Warehouse such as the Tate Modern below and the following city model direct out of our Greeble Tutorial in 3D Max:

Greeble City in Crysis:

Progress via 3D Max 9 was swift with a few hoops to jump through but an export route that generally worked, embedded below is an example featuring the Swiss Re, Tower Bridge, London in the Sandbox:

The potential of using Crysis for both urban and landscape visualisation is well known and with the introduction of various modifications such as the 'Natural Mod' below we thought it was timely to take a new look at Crysis:

Natural Mod 2.0 for Crysis from pydon on Vimeo.

Sadly we have to report that the importers do not seem to of improved all that much, the latest version of 3D Max is incompatible with the previous plugins and we have failed to get the SketchUp to Crysis plugin work at all.

That said it is well worth taking a look at the SketchUp to Collada direct export thread at Cryteks Official Modding Portal as well as a free plugin from PlayUp for SketchUp that allows models to be exported to both Crysis and the HalfLife engine.

We are almost tempted to go back to modding Oblivion which was relatively straight forward:

Oblivion Mod: University College London Quad from digitalurban on Vimeo.

See How to Import SketchUp/3D Max into the Oblivion Engine for Architectural Visualisation - Part 1 for more info.

The point of this post? Part frustration at the number of hoops still to be jumped through and high end software required to modify games such as Crysis. We know that its still a thriving scene and we have shown its possible to go from the Google 3D Warehouse to the game engine, its just annoying it is still a slightly painful route.

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