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The Connected Home: MIT Visualisation

Connected Home from MIT Mobile Experience Lab on Vimeo.

The visualisation above comes out of MIT's Mobile Experience Lab in collaboration with Cisco Systems - Internet Business Solutions Group.

The Connected Home of the future, according to the lab, will incorporate an integrated approach to buildings and their interaction with occupants, the local community, and beyond. The demonstration above of the Connected Home of the future incorporates smart energy solutions, automated services and efficiency measures to aid citizens lead more sustainable lives.

Technologies such as a Personal Travel Assistant, energy monitoring tools, TelePresence and social networking interactions, and energy grids for micro generation of energy across the urban community illustrate how citizens can play a positive and sustainable role in their urban landscape.

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1 comment:

  1. It is great somebody out there is thinking about the future of housing. People at MIT have lots of futuristic projects, more-or-less utopian, but some pieces will surely make their way into reality.

    Presented concept of a new energy sharing infrastructure and a set of in-house sensors doesnt fit well to my idea of sustainability. how can one be self-sufficient if he 'borrows' electricity from his neighbour or depends on AI when fixing his own tap. It reminds me of stories about people so devoted to their GPS navigation systems that they tried making left-turns on US highways.